Since 1986 Everdingen, together with Zijderveld and Hagestein, has been a part of the municipality of Vianen. Everdingen lies very strategically on the Lek- and Diefdike. As a part of the Hollandse Waterlinie [strip of land flooded as a defence line] a fort was built here in the 19th century. Everdingen originally belonged to the province of Gelderland, but in 1820 it was added to Zuid-Holland. The name Everdingen was already in use in the early middle ages. In 1284, at the invitation of the Lord of Everdingen, the great landowners of the area met in the small church of Everdingen to make agreements regarding draining the reclaimed peat bog area and the maintenance of the dikes. For a long time the lords of Everdingen, Hagestein and Vianen played an important role in the government of the area, which in the 15th century was given the name Vijfheerenlanden [Five Lords land]. The lords of Arkel and Leerdam were the other members of the five.

The Roman Catholic church, a pseudo-basilica from a design by A. Tepe, has beautiful stained glass windows. The Dutch Reformed church has elements from the 13th - 19th centuries. Near Everdingen lie the Bolgerijen and Autena polders, one of the largest and most beautiful willow complexes in the Netherlands on the landside of the dike. Various walks have been set out.

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